HIV / AIDS affected and infected Young People

The work for HIV / AIDS affected school going children began in June 2008 in Namakkal, a town that has the high rate of infected population in the state of Tamil Nadu. The children of HIV / AIDS infected patients who are tested negative are provided care and follow up treatment in our Don Bosco centre at Pudupatti, Namakkal. They all reside in the centre and attend School located in the vicinity.

Types of intervention

Individual care for every patient
Medical Care
Periodic medical check up
Nutritious food
ART Treatment for those who need
School enrollment for those who are just in the first phase
Eco friendly ambient and facilities
Yoga and Spiritual care

The Need

We are looking for improving transport facilities in our centre at Nilavarappatti because often the inmates have to be taken to the Government Hospital which is 6 Kms away from the centre.
There is a need for employing trained doctors and Counselors who are present in the centre 24 Hours.
100 inmates have to be given regular antibiotics.
100 inmates have to be provided with nutritious food.
The number of inmates in Namakkal will be raised from 50 to 100 in the coming year. Accordingly boarding and lodging facilities have to be improved.
The inmates need recreational facilities 

Types of intervention

Awareness programs in the villages
School enrollment
Special coaching
Boarding facilities
Medical Care
Periodic medical check up
Nutritious food
On 24th August 2009, work for infected youth has begun in Nilavarapaati, a little hamlet about 6 Kms from Salem.