International women’s day celebration was held on 10 March 2019 at Don BoscoKeelaEral.

All the members of the Self Help Groups of the province gathered to celebrate this event meaningfully with an awareness rally and a cultural programme. It was an occasion for the members of the self-help groups to appreciate each other for their active involvement in the society and to see how better they can organize themselves for women empowerment, to fight against evils afflicted upon women and girl children. The rally was organized with raised slogans creating awareness on the women’s rights and inviting everyone to stand for the protection of women. All their voices sought justice for the women victims by sexual offences. The Rally began from the Memorial Hall of the great Tamil Poet MahakaviBharthi who through his poetic words stood for and spoke bravely on women’s rights, liberation and gender equity. Mrs. Jayanthi, Head of Tamil Department in DBCAS, KeelaEralwelcomed the gathering.

Mrs. Pushpam, Sub inspector of police, inaugurated the rally and wished words of appreciation for the efforts taken by the women folk. Mrs. D. Banumathi, Advocate,spoke on women liberation and said that every woman needs to be aware and fight for their rights. She also recommended that as mothers, women should always encourage especially their girl children to be brave and bold to live strong in the society. Mr. Francis the guest of honour spoke on the preventive measures to be taken for the protection of girl children in the society.

This celebration was indeed a great encouragement for the women folk to actively get involved and fight for their rights and liberation. The meeting was organized by Don BoscoVembu people’s movement, coordinated by FatherArockiamVedamuthu the Director assisted by the Salesians from Don Boscomissions Vilathikulamand the Rector and community of Don BoscoKeelaEral.