St. John Bosco; (2008) 2012: Salem


The Namakkal Don Bosco Anbu Illam society is dedicated to serve the Young at Risk, (YaR) and the marginalized who are victims of HIV/AIDS towards an integral formation by educating them to be honest citizens with human values through the help of the Governmental and Non – Governmental organizations in Namakkal, thus to build a movement of people with clear conscience towards making a just and equal society.


We are resolved and dedicated to help in serving the young who are victims of HIV/AIDS and to solve the problems that are aftermath of these diseases. To realize this we identify and gather boys who are affected by such diseases irrespective of their caste, creed, religion and sect. We provide them basic needs with medical, recreational, educational facilities, opportunities and help for their integral growth and well-being. We aim to increase community awareness of these and related problems through Governmental and Non – Governmental organizations in Namakkal.


In the late 1990’s the Salem Anbu Illam social service society did a study about the life situation and conditions of the marginalized youth in and around Namakkal town, in view of extending the activities and outreach programs of Salem community. As a result a team was appointed separately to make a survey and to identify the street children in and around Namakkal town. It was found in the survey that quiet a number of boys have been employed in lorry body building companies and poultries as this part of the state focuses more on these works. As a result there were less number of boys on streets compared to Salem town. At the same time it was found that a good number of children and youth have been affected and infected with HIV/AIDS.

From then on there was a co-ordinator separately appointed by Salem Anbu Illam society to continue the work for the youth at risk in and around Namakkal. As years passed by, there was a strong feeling to start a new house at Namakkal working for the youth at risk especially those who have been affected by HIV/AIDS. As a result it was proposed in the Provincial Chapter 2004 to initiate our works also for the HIV/AIDS affected boys and the youth and the Chapter approved it. In 2007 the construction of the building at the present site began with 17 students as inmates. Fr. Daniel Joseph was the Director and Fr. Jesuraj was the Administrator.  They initially stayed at the child-line building when the staff and boys residences were under construction. In 2008, 5th December the house was inaugurated. From then on it functions as a centre for the holistic growth and well-being of the HIV/AIDS affected boys. Fr. Lawrence David was the Director from 2009 onwards and Br. George Joseph was the Administrator. Then Fr. Edward Xavier took the leadership as the Director of this centre for two years.  The house was canonically erected by the Rector Major in the year 2012.  Fr. Arul Maran was appointed as the first Rector of this Salesian house and he took charge on 24 May 2012. 

Mile Stones:

2007:         Construction of the house began, Confreres attached to Salem DBAI

2008:         Dec 5th House was inaugurated, attached to Salem DBAI (Registration number Sl. No.


2009:         Awareness programs, neighbourhood apostolate began, Medical assistance to the infected

parents, free calories filled diet distributed for the infected …

2010:         September 08th separated from DBAI – Salem

2011:         Starting of Awareness Promotion Activities, Evening tuition centres, Formation of Youth

Group & Women Self Help Groups

2012          18 January – Salesian house canonically erected

2014          At present 72 boys, (6th – 12th standard students as inmates)


CHILDREN’S HOME: Don Bosco Children’s home is a rehabilitation centre for the HIV/AIDS affected children. At present there are 45 children in the care home. There are 4 orphans and 21 semi-orphans.

NCLP: There is a School under National Child Labour Project. There are 9 students. The school has got its own syllabus prescribed by the Government.

YOUTH GROUP: Efforts have been made to organize the local youth. There are at present 34 on roll. Around 15 members visit the campus for the daily oratory. They have their regular meetings and animations.


Don BoscoAnbu Illam

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