YOUTH MINISTRY – Salesian Province of Tiruchy (INT)


1.1.To return to the young, especially the poorest, with Don Bosco’s heart (CG26, 13).
1.1.1.cultivating a constant and more focused attention on how the circumstances of young people are evolving in their own area, in dialogue with civil and ecclesial institutions (GC 26, 16.1)
1.1.2.Studying the possibility of setting up spirituality centres which offer young people opportunities for prayer, days of recollection and retreats, education in listening to the Word and Sacramental life. Guide the communities to update the SEPP which includes concrete programs for the youth of the neighborhood.  Encourage the youth directors of every presence to work together with the governmental, non governmental and ecclesiastical institutions in the area in planning and execution of youth work.  Conduct regular meetings for the youth directors of the presences and invite them to propose programs of formation for the animators, leaders and youth Start youth activities such as youth centres, Sunday or daily oratories in every presence. Organise Youth Retreat every year for those selected from each presence. Form Bible Study Groups in the Parish settings to give the opportunity to listen to the Word of God


2.1. To propose to young people, with joy and courage, to live life as Jesus Christ lived it (GC26, 36).
2.2. To provide in all situations a more effective integration of evangelisation and education, following the approach of the Preventive System (GC26, 41).
2.3. To inculturate the process of evangelization in order to respond to the challenges of the regional contexts (GC26, 46).
2.1.1. Proposing a deeper reflection on the subject of “evangelisation” as an essential aspect of the SEPP. (GC 26, 39.1)2.2.1. Ensuring that all the works, through educative activity carry out a work of Evangelisation (GC26, 44.1).
2.2.2. Preparing youth who share responsibility with us for Evangelisation (GC 26, 39.2)
2.3.1. Accompanying each community in planning specific responses to challenges in the context (GC26, 49.1).
2.3.2. Offer formation initiatives to the youth on the theme of inculturation of the faith (GC26, 49.2) Help communities to plan initiatives for the direct proclamation of Christ wherever possible Assist the various sectors in the Province to consciously make efforts towards integration of evangelization and education. Animate the catechism teachers of al our institutions with the help of the Catechetical Department Organise bible day every year to inculcate a love for the Word of God Form youth leaders from all the presences with the help of Catechetical and Youth Ministry Department of the Province Network with the other like minded organizations both secular and ecclesiastical to fight for human rights Promote inter Religious Dialogue and prayer experiences with the youth of other religions Animate the youth in the Parish settings and the Catholic youth in the institutions on the theme of inculturation of  faith


3.1. To arouse in the young an apostolic commitment to the Kingdom of God with the passion of da mihi animas cetera tolle and encourage their formation (GC26, 65).
3.2. To make explicit the proposal regarding Salesian consecrated life and promote new forms of vocational guidance and the aspirant ate (GC26, 69).
3.1.1. Promoting more and more a vocational mentality and culture in which young people are offered the opportunity for guidance and formation that makes them capable of formulating mature life plans    (GC26, 53).
3.1.2. Drawing up a plan for vocation ministry as part of the Province’s pastoral and educative project (GC26, 68.1)
3.1.3. Offering experiences of apostolic service to young people belonging to groups and volunteer wok(GC26, 68.3)
3.1.4. Working with the Salesian Family in discernment and accompaniment(GC26, 68.4)3.2.1. Studying the possibilities for vocational accompaniment (GC26, 72.1)
3.2.2. Encouraging reflection and cooperation between youth ministry and formation Offer facilities like counseling, spiritual direction to young people who are in touch with us and make them capable of making mature decisions. Setting up a counseling cell in each of our presence to assist them in their vocational choice Guide every presence in the Province to draw up a concrete plan for vocation promotion as part of the pastoral project
3.1.2..2 Organize one day vocation camps to help the candidates have an experience of Salesian life. Offer live in experiences to youth who signs of apostolic vocation Form a Salesian Family consult with the representatives from the members of the Salesian Family and plan strategies together with them. Visit the families of those who show signs of Salesian vocation for accompaniment and discernment Reflect in groups during moment of animation on making every youth ministry a vocational ministry


4.1. To accompany the continuing development of social works and services for young people in situations of danger and of exclusion, with special attention to the new circumstances of youth poverty such as immigration, the exploitation of children, those suffering from HIV/AIDS, etc.
4.2      To foster the development of voluntary service with a clear Salesian identity, paying special attention to formation.
4.3     To give special attention to the family in YM.
4.4 To develop a formation in SC that is integrated, gradual and systematic, to help in evangelising the more needy young people in the “new playgrounds,” with their language and their culture, using the language of SC (cf. GC26, 99. 102).
4.1.1. Planning initiatives that are explicitly directed to the young People who are poorest and most at risk (GC26, 107.1)
4.2.1. Encouraging voluntary service
4.3.1. Making the family the object of pastoral activity, and also the leading subject in the SEPP.
4.4.1. Laying down a realistic strategy which favors a more incisive presence in the media world, as well as in youthful and popular artistic expression and prepare qualified personnel in this area. Initiate discussions in the meetings organized for various groups of confreres on creative ways of reaching the poorest and those most at risk. Start an apostolate for the HIV infected youth Ensure that the technical institutions have a tie up with the industries for training and placement. Help our presences to start Counseling centers.   Study the possibility of starting a Youth Resources centre.   Start institutions of higher education in relevant courses. Encourage voluntary service among the youth who are inclined towards it. Organise a seminar on Volunteerism for selected youth from our presences. Tie up with other NGOs to respond to social issues. Follow up of young people towards affective maturity and preparing them for marriage  Start media clubs in the presences. Form cultural clubs that will preach the Gospel values through folk lore.