Sri Lankan Tamil refugees in Tamil Nadu

Project To empower the Sri Lankan Tamil refugee youth in Tamil Nadu towards a sustained livelihood
Goal Sustained livelihood to the Sri Lankan Tamil refugees in Tamil Nadu
  1. To develop the earning potential of the Sri Lankan Tamil refugee youth in the selected refugee camps in Tamil Nadu through job-oriented non-formal skill training and job placement guidance.
  2. To improve the living condition of the people in the camp through women’s club
Beneficiaries Sri Lankan Tamil refugee youth in the refugee camps in Southern Tamil Nadu.

2010-11: 186 Males and 130 Females (Total 316)

2011-12: 155 Males and 300 Females (Total 455)

2012-13: Skill Training: 135 Males and 368 Females (Total 503)

                  Women’s Club: 540 Females

Sponsor(s) The United States Department of State’s

Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration and

Salesian Missions, Inc.

  1. Job-oriented skill Training
  2. Free food and Accommodation to the beneficiary trainees
  3. Educational aids during the training
  4. Free Tool Kits after successful completion of the training
  5. Job Placement Guidance after successful completion of the training
  6. Formation of women’s club
  7. Income generation
  8. Improving the camp environment
Trades Taught ·         Visual Editing

·         Animation & Graphics

·         Welding

·         Electrician

·         Computer skill

·         Four & Two wheeler mechanism

·         A/C mechanism

·         Garments making

·         Beauticians

·         Income-generating skill training for camp women

Programme Centre(s) Skill Training Centres:

  1. Alaigal MEDIA, Manikandam, Trichy
  2. Don Bosco Amsam, Trichy
  3. Don Bosco Community College, Dindigul
  4. Don Bosco Community College, Keela Eral
  5. Don Bosco ITI, Lalgudi
  6. Don Bosco ITI, Madurai
  7. Bosco Maiyam, Pallithammam
  8. Don Bosco, Salem
  9. Don Bosco, Nettur
  10. Don Bosco, Alangulam

Women’s Club Camps:




15.sevalur, 16.Mottamalai,17.Anaikuttam)