St. John Bosco; (1999) 2006: Dindigul


We aim at imparting a quality technical education and an all-round formation to the rural poor youth so that they can become empowered agents of empowerment among the youth in similar situation.


Marianathapuram is a village situated at the outskirts of the Dindigul town. The villagers here belong to the Dalit community, deprived of regular job opportunities. In order to improve the situation, the Parish priest here requested the Salesians to start a technical institution for the dropouts. Subsequently, the Salesians bought the land and laid the foundation stone for the community college in 2003.     Fr. Bhakiaraj took charge of the work in May, 2003 under the directorship of Fr. Agilan. Bro. De Rossi came in as the practical trainee.

      The community college was inaugurated on 29.01.2004 by Fr. James Theophilus and Rt. Rev. Antony Pappusamy, the Bishop of Dindigul. The classes for the academic year 2003-2004 started on the same day. The courses offered were: Two wheeler mechanism, Computer, house electrician and Garments making. Initially hostel facilities were offered only for 12 boys in a makeshift arrangement. Girls did not have a hostel.

      In 2004, secretarial course was added to the existing courses and arrangements were made to issue certificates through the JSS. Bro. George replaced. Br. De Rossi. Girls were accommodated in the Maria Anjali convent by the Salesian sisters. In the same year foundation stone was laid for the Salesian residence.

In 2005, the Tamil Nadu Open University approved the DHE, DFCM, DDTP and DPTT (Montessorie) courses while the Two Wheeler Mechanism course continued under the hospice of the JSS.  Fr. Rajan Joined the Salesian team. Bro prince came in as practical trainee. The Salesian house was opened on 16.07.2005 and the Salesian community came to stay permanently in the community college. Boys were housed in the Salesian house itself. Bros. Selvaraj and Selvin joined the community as students in the Gandhigram University. The same year the community college was awarded the 4th rank in the TNOU.

In 2006 the Salesian community was canonically erected and Fr. Rosario Perez became the first Rector. Fr. Robert Alphonse became the administrator and

Bro. Rosario became the assistant. In the same year, a study was made to look for the possibility of starting BCA and the provincial council approved the move.

In 2007 Bro. Abraham joined the community as the practical trainee. The BCA course started on August 13th and on 27the of August Fr. Rosario died due to heart attack. Fr. Gerard Britto took over as rector on 20th of October. Fr. Charles came in, in January, 2008.

In 2008 Fr. Robert left after the successful completion of his studies. Fr. Charles took charge as the administrator, warden and the BCA coordinator. Bro. Lourdu Jeyaraj became the practical trainee. Foundation stone was laid for the hostel for the boys on August 27th.

In 2009 Bro. Alex replaced Bro. Lourdu. The girls were accommodated within the campus. Rua Home, the new hostel was inaugurated on 2nd of February, 2010 by the Provincial, Fr. Amalraj Susai and blessed by Bishop Antony Pappusamy. It became the hostel for the girls. Fr. Amala Jeya Rayan joined the Salesian community in March, 2010.

In 2010 Fr. Gerard Britto gave up the parish work and became the full time Rector and English teacher. Fr. Charles took over from Fr. Bhakia as the Principal.  Bro. Daniel joined the community as practical trainee. Fr. Rayan has taken charge as the warden of the Rua Home. A free technical training for the Sri Lankan refugees has been started in July, 2010. The two toilet wings outside the college were built. In August, the students designed and developed the college website. They also developed software for the Alaihal Media centre, Madurai.  

In 2011 Bro.Prasanna replaced Bro. Daniel. Slowly number of students for community college reduced and so the community was trying its best to give advertisements and started searching for the scope the house. A free technical training for the Sri Lankan refugees were given this year too.

In 2012 Fr. George and Bro. Dhanaraj joined the  community. This year in particular we wanted to take lot of initiative and make known our institute as a training center for spoken English course and so we started a course called FEASST (Functional English Assured Soft Skill Training). We also named our Garments section as BIG (Bosco Institute of Garments). Spoken English and sports academy also began this year. Fr. Gerard Britto and Fr. Rayan were transferred to the other places.

In 2013, May 24th  Fr. Martin, Bro. Sunil & Bro. Justin  joined the community. On 7th of July Fr. Susai joined the community and replaced fr. Britto as Rector. We continued our work here training youngsters in spoken English and tailoring technical skill. On 11th of February with the initiative of the provincial and the province the Pre- Novitiate community was shifted from Don Bosco Vellakinar to Don Bosco Dindigul.

      In 2014, May 24th Bro. Chinnapparaj joined the community. This particular year we want to develop our Spoken English Academy and Garments section. In English Academy we want to start Weekend spoken English course, Daily English course and continue the FEASST course. As a new venture for this year we also wanted to make this house as a Retreat Cum Animation Center and so we have also began center called AGHAM. This center will be the center for renewal, retreat and refreshment for the religious and laity.


PRENOVITIATE: The community has taken into consideration the last year recommendations of the provincial visitation, and has made efforts to offer special focus and attention on training the formees in spoken English. Last year towards the end of the year the prenovices were made to stay after their exams and special coaching was offered to them. This year the first three months were set aside for training them in English. Efforts are taken to train the prenovices in music and band. Music instruments are repaired and a music master is invited for classes twice in a week. Regular coaching and reading practices take place and various opportunities are offered to the Prenovices to develop their skills and talents. All are given training in typing and made to appear for the Government exam.

The Dean, the assistant and all the staff are full-time present with the prenovices, following and guiding them.

ENGLISH ACADEMY: Number of programmes and courses are conducted for different groups throughout the year within the campus. A number of programmes and animations are also offered in various neighbouring institutions. Now the community is concentrating more on residential programmes and to revamp the training at the centre. Various new initiatives are taken to reach out to many youngsters and conduct this programme more effectively. There is a plan to set up a library, language lab and documentation centre.

GARMENTS SECTION: The Garments section is trying to establish itself by getting more orders. Community is planning to apply for GST and make its financial transactions more transparent. It is encouraging to note that most of our own institutions place orders at the centre to support and help our own presence. 

REACH OUT PROGRAMME: The community is reaching out to the neighbouring villages through Oratories and Evening study centres. The prenovices visit 12 villages on Sundays and conduct the oratories. There are 8 Evening study centre, with 275 children assisted by 8 volunteers. There is a coordinator who helps out in the reach-out programme. The evening study centre teachers have their meeting once a month.


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