( A Tamil translation of John Maria Vernet’s “I Am Joseph”)

I Am Joseph  is a historical novel on St. Joseph, a Kristu Jyoti Publication, authored by Joan Maria Vernet a Salesian Priest, an emeritus professor of the Salesian Theological Institute of Ratisbonne of Jerusalem, a renowned scripture scholar. It is translated into Tamil by another Salesian Priest John Dharmanathan, of INT province. He has already published the translation of Don Bosco con Dio of Don Eugenio Ceria, and the Life of Mamma Margaret by Don Teresio Bosco.

The translation of I Am Joseph under the title En Peyar Yoseppu   was released on the occasion of their Provincial Community Day held on the 21st January 2023. This is the author’s third successive book since 2021. It is a book that throws more light on the little known life of St. Joseph, in the form of a historical novel. The more the knowledge we have of a person we love, the more we love him or her. It has 352 pages, with seventy-eight chapters,  each with an illustration, and priced at Rs. 250/-