A centre for job-placement and career guidance

  1. Introduction
  • Don Bosco Institutions working all over the world in empowering the lives of young people have felt the need to accompany young people in the crucial moments of their lives when they make important decisions for their future.
  • In order to realize the felt need of the context, a centre for career guidance, training and job placement was established on 15th August 2002 under the banner of `Don Bosco Vazhikaatti` to create an awareness among the rural youth about the job opportunities available in the government and private sectors, through self-employment schemes and career oriented services.  ‘Don Bosco Vazhikaatti’ has been registered as an independent society on 16th February 2009 under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act, 1975(TN Reg. No. 39/ 2009: 16/02/2009).
  • Don Bosco Vazhikaatti since its inception has made several remarkable interventions to create awareness among the marginalized youth on career options to impart necessary skills in view of placing them in suitable jobs and making them independent citizens. The organization was recognized by the National Integrity Cultural Academy and The State Human Rights Vigilance Organization and awarded for its outstanding performance in the field of career guidance and job placement, especially for the marginalized youth. In the last three years it has reached out to 31,953 students through 120 career guidance programmes and placed 1,267 people in employment out of 5,139 registered members.
  • At present ‘Don Bosco Vazhikaatti’ extends its services in the territory of Salesian Province of Tiruchy. Our target areas have youth who hail from different walks of life, such as, rural, coastal, tribal, agricultural, semi-urban and urban environments. Our centre has very strong network with many job placement cells in Southern Tamil Nadu, namely, Coimbatore, Madurai, Tuticorin, Salem, Trichy and other Don Bosco Educational Institutions, animated in three regions: Trichy, Salem and Tuticorin. 
  1. Vision: 

Holistic empowerment of the youth, especially the poor and the marginalized, through `career guidance and job placement`. 

  1. Objectives:
  • To guide academic and technical school students to make right decisions by making known to them the availability of various career choices
  • To find suitable job placement for the poor and the marginalized youth (rural and urban) who are skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled in government and private sectors.
  • To follow up the youth, who have been freshly placed in jobs by the department, for the period of three months, through regular contacts and animations.
  • To identify the promising students and youth from our educational institutions and train them to appear for the government competitive exams
  • To impart life coping skills and managerial skills to the rural-urban poor youth to make them employable.
  • To motivate and train the young to be entrepreneurs in their field of skill and expertise
  • To network with government and non-government employment cells.
  • To make a scientific study of the job market and related researches that will provide adequate insight for the youth to choose career which have demand in the job market.
  1. Our Activities

In the process of realizing the above said objective, the department is organized to carry out the following activities.

  • Career Guidance Services
  • Seminar on career guidance for school students and parents
  • Publication of career guidance (Articles and Books).
  • Seminars for teachers and instructors.
  • Enlisted candidates’ seminars.
  • Individual guidance.
  • Vettri Namadhe (Victory is ours) motivational programmes
  • Career guidance exhibitions.
  • Libraries in different centres
  • Job Placement Services
    • Reach out to companies for placement.
    • Collecting data base (Resume of Clients)
    • Referral placement.
    • Job-fairs and campus interviews
    • Seminar on job acquiring skills.
    • Self employment seminars.
    • Post placement guidance
  • Coaching Classes for Jobs
    • Preparing manuals for government competitive exams.
    • Coaching and training students for government competitive exams
    • Soft skills and communication skills trainings for students and youth.
    • Facilitating youth to become entrepreneurs.
    • Offering courses for learning foreign languages like Italian, Spanish, French, etc.
  • Job Information Network Services
    • Networking of all resources on jobs and career.
    • Library with books on government jobs, private jobs and self-employment.
    • Facility for youth to acquire jobs through network resources.
    • Periodical circulars to all the educational institutions on new job opportunities and relevant preparations.
    • A web based job placement services
    • A monthly e-magazine on job opportunities and career guidance can be circulated. It could also contain success stories of youth who benefitted through Don Bosco Vazhikaatti.
    • Seminars can be organized in collaboration with the government sectors using Government resources.
  • Documentation and Job Research Services
    • Job market research.
    • Need analysis of courses and subjects.
    • Skill requirements of the employees.
    • Publication of books and researches
    • Maintenance of the reports of the activities
    • List of those placed and their company details 
  1. Structure 

Bosco Employability Skill Training & Job Placement

Vazhikaatti is in the phase of rethinking and re-launching at greater heights. By realizing its significant role in the society, ‘Don Bosco Vazhikaatti’ plans to synergize its efforts to make itself more productive and beneficial to the youth of today.  As a venture towards it Vazhikaatti has developed an idea of “Bosco Employability Skill Training” in order to empower the young.

United Kingdom Commission for Employability Skills (UKCES) gives the simplest definition of employability in terms of skills: ‘the skills almost everyone needs to do also most any job’. Employability skills do not stop with academic performance but it goes beyond it, to see how a person is tuned to himself in the sense of: Personally, Psychologically and Sociologically. This is the greater challenge which we face ahead of us.

In order to make our young people to be competent enough to gain these skills ‘Don Bosco Vazhikaatti” has drawn up a package in the name of “Bosco Employability Skill Training” programme for the College Students (UG/PG).

Bosco Employability Skill Training consists of: 

  1. Personal Skills: Personality development and Wellbeing of Wholeness
  2. Social Skills: interpersonal Relationship and Social Skills
  • Employability Skills: Job Acquiring Skills
  1. Creating Job opportunity: Job Placement Drive (only for final year Students) 

The above pattern of the “Bosco Employability Skill Training” programme was designed in order to meet the pressing needs of the students towards developing their employability skills.

In this regard we would like to render our service to your esteemed Institution in creating a job culture among the students.


Bosco Employability Skill Training & Job Placement 

Personal SkillsSocial SkillsEmployability SkillsCreating Job opportunity
Self- EsteemDeveloping Emotional skillsChoosing one’s career pathRegistration
AttitudeAffective MaturityJob Hunting SkillsProfile Verification
Goal SettingStress managementEffective Communication SkillsJob Aptitude Test
Time managementNegotiation SkillsBody LanguageKnowledge of Various Job opportunities (Govt/ Private)
Creative ThinkingLeadership SkillsPersonal Grooming and Professional EtiquetteResume Contest
Decision making/ Problem SolvingTeam BuildingTelephone & Email EtiquetteInterview Demo
Self Regulation and DeterminationSocial MediaInterview ProcessCompany Expo….
Assertiveness Mock InterviewMega job fair
Wellness of the Person   

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Bosco Employability Skill Training Programme  


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