In DB-Tech project, Communication Skill Trainings are successfully going on in Amsam-DB ITC and Lalgudi ITC from August 30th 2011 onwards for formal 2nd year students. This training will continue up to November 15th 2011 in these two houses.The same training is also being carried out effectively in Dindigul DB Community College and Keela Eral DB Community College from July 15th onwards to till date and will take place continuously up to October 15th , 2011 for non-formal students and Non-formal trade students of boys and girls respectively. There are 50 participants from each technical Institution are participating the training interestingly and enthusiastically. The topics covered are Communication skill trainings (Spoken English- Nouns, Verbs, Gerunds, Adjectives) & English and Communication (Tenses, Voices, Types of sentences, Types of speeches, etc.,). The overall feedback from the trainees is that they are now capable of communicating their needs and wants of the day to day lives in English. They also learnt to speak about the class room activities and its functions. While interacting with them during our visit, some students said that they got rid of the fear of English language and now they feel quite comfortable with that language after attending the regular communication skill training classes. They also expressed that the trainers are so compassionate to them in teaching the subject with simple and digestive manner making them more accessible to the trainees. Students were asked to reproduce along with their creativity according to the given situation. Special care and attentions were focused to the less successful learners helping them learn more effectively. Ideal materials were supplied to the students for their self learning as exercises. Lively conversational methods and interview methods were adopted for strategies of the training to impart the skills on daily happenings and incidences. Situational dialoging techniques were also incorporated in the training. The students meant that they are learning the subject happily with lot of joy and fun. As a result of this programme, they said that their interest is growing towards the language. These young pupils are the ones who must need to know about the effective ways of communication to develop the skills in the language English so that they would become eligible candidates when they knock the doors of corporate sectors for jobs in their near future on their professional carrier.