The Salesian province of Tiruchy welcomes the 41 new Salesian Co-operators as they made their apostolic promise, after months of formation and preparation.

The first phase of the promise day was held at Thanjavur Don Bosco local centre on 17th January 2021. There were 18 aspirant Salesian Co-operators, after the due preparation of two years, expressed their willingness to make promise in the Association of Salesian co-operators.

There was a day of preparation and animation on 16th January 2021 at Auxilium local centre, Thanjavur. The local delegate Sr. Nirmala FMA and the local Superior Sr. Magnificat FMA made all the necessary arrangements for the animation. The provincial coordinator Mr. Xavier Amaladoss, the provincial formator Mr. Peter Thiraviyam, the provincial SDB delegate Fr. Joseph Charles SDB and the provincial FMA delegate Sr. Rosy FMA were involved in the animation. Fr. Thomas Louis SDB, the Salesian Family SDB delegate was invited to give a talk on Salesian Family.

The aspirants made a good confession and received Holy eucharist on the preparation day, in order to worthily receive the plenary indulgence by the church on the promise day of the Salesian Co-operators. The following day, on 17th January 2021, Fr. Agilan the Salesian Provincial of Tiruchy Province, presided over the Holy eucharist and preached the sermon. The Provincial co-ordinator, Mr. Xavier Amaladoss received the promise of the 18 aspirants in the presence of Fr. Agilan SDB, the provincial of SDB-INT and Sr. Magnificat FMA the former Provincial of FMA. At the end of the mass the newly promised co-operators were given souvenirs by the SDB and FMA provincials.

On 27 February, 23 Salesian Co-operators mad their apostolic promise at Auxilium Wllington. Fr. Thomas Louis SDB, the Salesian Family celebrated the Holy Eucharist. Rev. Sr. Mary Margaret Amalanathan, the Provincial of FMA INT province graced the occasion with her presence and blessing to the Salesian co-operators. The INT province happily welcomes and receives the 41 new promised Salesian Co-operators to the province.