Tiruchy, Oct. 11. The creation of new dense forest in Miyawaki method to commemorate this year’s Season of Creation theme, ‘A Home for all? Renewing the Oikos of God, ‘ at Don Bosco School of Excellence, Coimbatore, the Regional Councillor of South Asia, Father Biju Michael inaugurated ‘Oikos of God’ (House of God) by planting trees and releasing the Don Bosco Green School Policy with Mr Sivakumar, National Leader of Green Movement.

‘Oikos of God’ (House of God) is a dense forest with 2,000 native trees planted and created by Don Bosco School of Excellence, Coimbatore, Province of Tiruchy (India). Father Biju Michael also released ‘We’re a Green School, ‘ the Green School Policy of the school and handed over a copy to Isaac and Ifa, the school pupil leaders. Father Ricopar Royan, the Rector, spoke on the vital role of the young people in environmental protection. He explained how the five green priorities of the policy like Environmental Education, Increasing the Green Cover, Natural Resource Management, Waster Management and Green Lifestyle have emerged and evaluated through the eco clubs of the school.

Father Martin Joseph, Principal, Father Renigo Roy, Father Dhanaraj, staff members and school children were actively involved in preparing the Green School Policy and the establishment of the ‘Oikos of God. ‘ The young people have taken the Green Commitments to their hearts and will be vibrantly expressed in their responsible behaviours and green actions.