Don Bosco Football Academy and Don Bosco School of Merit, Bosco Maiyam, Pallithammam organized Don Bosco State Level 5A side Football Tournament , a dream  of Fr. Capiaghi, was actualized. He was a person of  great vision ,  a compassionate  heart to the poorest specially for the pupils of Bosco Maiyam On this fortunate mega event,our  energetic young minds showcased  their inborn talents in three category based matches under 12, 14 and 17 on 16th and 17th of October,2021.  The auspicious day was  ensparkled by Fr. George ,the Rector of Bosco Maiyam, Pallithammam by his  warm welcome and showers of blessings.The tournament was graced by Salesians of Bosco Maiyam, well wishers, parents, youthful priests and 70 teams of  passionate players  from all directions of Tamil Nadu state . Choirs of vigorous players  hailed the campus  with  dynamic spirit,   loud cheers as the hours went by. Around 1500 participants garlanded the campus with their  presence for two days.Magical trophies and lucky cash prizes  were awarded for all top three  winning categories  for their best achievements. Don Bosco I.T.I Madurai in all the three category jazzed the three trophies. Pride Coimbatore and Muthaya Alagappa uplifted their teams to second level.  Bosco Maiyam exhilarated the third trophy.