On Sunday, March 15th 2020, the Retreat, Yercaud celebrated its Oratory youth and Night School children’s day. The day started off with inaugural prayer service and a welcome speech by Fr. A. Raj SDB, the Rector. 

It was followed by Fancy fete and competitions. Many prices were won by many children. Post lunch was the highlight of the day. They were taken in groups to the nursery and then to the Auditorium to brief them on Nature Preservation Techniques. Mr. Ramesh Kirubakaran, the Director of Yercaud Nursery addressed the gathering on Nature Preservation and importance of ecological diversity and ecological balance in Shevaroy Hills. His talk was ended with Nature Preservation Promise by everyone. 

A large number of youth participated this year due to the connect the post-novices have in the villages. 

The day ended with cultural programme and prize distribution. This year’s event also marked the Platinum Jubilee Year of the Retreat. 

There were more than 500 young people and children attended the event. They spent the entire day in the campus with lunch and tea provided.

The leaders of the oratories were invited to distribute prices among the winners. It was well appreciated for its novelty and the importance given to the young oratory leaders. 

The nature preservation awareness was organized by the Shevaroy Hills Tribal Development (STDi) the social work sector of the Retreat, Yercaud. 

Most of the youth and children come from tribal villages in the hill. There are 61 villages in the hills.