DB Care

Our Journey

February 2007: Land purchased to serve young people infected with HIV/AIDS.
August 2009: First residential building constructed by the Apis group, housing 12 inmates.
June 2010: Foundation stone for the comprehensive care center laid and blessed by Rev. Fr. Amalraj Susai SDB, Provincial of Trichy Province.
May 2011: Fr. Daniel Sebastian and Fr. Peter Singarayer appointed as Director and Administrator, respectively, with the number of residents increasing to 21.
August 2011: New house blessed and inaugurated on August 16th, marking the bicentenary of St. John Bosco’s birth.

October 27, 2011: Don Bosco casket arrives at Don Bosco Care Home, leading to new initiatives in animal husbandry, sericulture, fisheries, and mushroom cultivation.
September 14, 2012: Tailoring center inaugurated for HIV/AIDS-infected women in Salem.
May 26, 2013: New team of Salesians arrives, including Xavier Michael and Bro. Vianney Raj.
June 2014: New outlet and contact center opened in Nilavarapatti to raise awareness. Don Bosco Care Home awarded by the Salem Collector for innovative services.


At Don Bosco Care Home Nilavarapatti, we are dedicated to empowering young people living with HIV/AIDS to lead positive, self-reliant, and confident lives. By collaborating with governmental, non-governmental, and community-based organizations, we aim to educate and inspire these young individuals to develop a strong moral conscience and the courage to face the future with dignity, ultimately contributing to the realization of a compassionate society.


Don Bosco Care Home provides comprehensive support to at-risk youth affected by HIV/AIDS. We address issues of neglect, fear, threats, security, and abandonment by creating awareness within the community and offering employment opportunities. Our holistic approach includes providing nutritious food, safe shelter, regular medical care, education, counseling, skill training, spiritual guidance, and recreational activities. We strive to prevent HIV/AIDS and support the well-being of vulnerable youth through partnerships with government and non-government organizations, ensuring they can build a future of dignity and self-respect.

Major Activities

Rehabilitation Center

Don Bosco Care Home is a rehabilitation center for children infected with HIV/AIDS. Currently, it houses 79 children, including 41 orphans, 26 semi-orphans, and 14 students in the ‘after-care’ section (above 18 years). The home also runs a SSA school with 35 students, following the government-prescribed syllabus.

Health Care and Counseling

Residents receive regular medical care and counseling services. The center employs full-time staff dedicated to the boys’ well-being, alongside a part-time doctor and nurse. A resource person visits weekly for counseling sessions, and various activities and programs are conducted throughout the year. The staff team includes 18 members, with two teachers for the SSA school.

Community Care

Community care is extended to 100 infected women in Salem and Aathur zones, providing provisions, medicines, and financial assistance. This outreach ensures that vulnerable women receive the necessary support and resources to manage their health and well-being.