Date and Venue
The first academic sector meet for the year 2024-25 was held at Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Pallithammam, Sivagangai, on June 15, 2024. The event began on a positive note, with an ambient atmosphere conducive to productive discussions.

Agenda and Organization
The schedule and agenda were communicated well in advance by Fr. Benjamin Gnanapragasam SDB, head of the current Academic Commission of the province.

Salesians holding administrative positions in schools of INT and invited members of the commission were called for the meet. A total of 27 members attended the program, including Fr. Albert Johnson SDB, the former provincial.

Welcome and Opening
The gathering was welcomed by Fr. Susai Savariannan SDB at 9:30 am, following a prayer song to the Holy Spirit and a personal prayer by Fr. Justin SDB.

Keynote Address: Educating the Young
Fr. Albert Johnson SDB delivered a talk on the topic “Educating the Young.” In his address, he emphasized the importance of developing a Salesian Educative Pastoral Project (SEPP) for each sector based on the situation and needs of the province. He explained that the SEPP represents the planning aspect of Salesian Youth Ministry and is a clear expression of the structural unity that amalgamates all aspects and elements of Salesian Youth Ministry into a single process with a single goal.

The Four Dimensions of SEPP
Fr. Johnson outlined the four fundamental, mutually related, and complementary dimensions of the SEPP:

  • Education to the Faith Dimension
  • Educational and Cultural Dimension
  • Social Experience Dimension
  • Vocational Dimension

These dimensions form the core of the SEPP, ensuring a holistic approach to the education and development of young people within the Salesian framework.