We Believe in Change.
We shall join together to make a difference in the life of the poor
CAUVERI : (Coordinated Action for Urban Village Empowerment and Resource Identification), Registered under Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act 27 of 1975, Regd. No.: TRY/2001/281, dated 19.12.2001, and based in the Provincial House, Kallukuzhy, Trichy. It  has the Provincial as its legal and juridical representative, and the Secretary of the Province as the representative of the Development Office (DO).
It is responsible for all the socio-economic development programs and activities in the province. The DO does the strategic planning related to the socio-economic development activities leading to the development policy of the province. The DO is involved in 20 districts in the southern part of Tamil Nadu. It acts as the go-between the Province and the Donor Agencies, at least where it is demanded.
Vision :
CAUVERI aims to work towards the total liberation of society, freed from all discriminations and divisions based on caste, creed, language and religion, a society freed from the clutches of poverty; and to build a society of justice, peace, equality and love for human beings and nature.
CAUVERI resolves to ensure dignity to human beings especially the marginalized sections of the society, to empower the youth to become agents of social change and to restore childhood to the unfortunate and exploited children of society.
Mission :
CAUVERI is an updated strategy for social action to enhance the capacity of the Salesian Family, in particular the Salesian community to meet the socio-economic developmental needs, particularly of children, youth and women of the marginalized sections of the southern districts of Tamil Nadu, especially in rural and semi-urban areas, coastal and tribal belts, under the auspices of the network of presences in the Tiruchy (INT) Province.
CAUVERI seeks to creatively address and upholds the cause and dignity of the poor and the emarginated dalits, especially the young people.
CAUVERI will facilities to strengthen and catalyze the community, groups and local bodies, especially of women, through participatory processes, appropriate to local culture, to analyze, assess and articulate their needs.
CAUVERI draws on the complementary resources of the community and the state, leading to sustainable initiatives, envisioning an eco-friendly, equitable and harmonious society.
Purpose :
·          To Plan, execute, monitor and evaluate the projects in the Tiruchy Salesian Province.
·          To network the different presences in the Tiruchy Salesian Province.
·          To influence policy formulations and decisions for the development of the poor in the province.
·          To collaborate with similar agencies in the region.
·          To take up research studies on communities and social problems in the region, to concretize and empower the marginalized people
·          To provide training in planning formulation and evaluation of participatory projects.
Strategy :
Research and Documentation
·          Critically to analyze the social conditions and problems of the communities through research and survey;
·          To network with other agencies and to lobby to create an appropriate Forum;
·          To provide documentation as resource centre for social action in the southern part of Tamil Nadu.
At the Province Level
·          Arranging Periodical training for the Salesians and laypersons of the Province in order to build their capacity for project planning, monitoring and evaluation.
·          Coordinating all the socio-economic and development activities of the province.
·          Designing suitable developmental projects for the province.
At the Grass root Level
·          Carefully identifying the marginalized people;
·          Conscientising the people regarding the existing social problems;
·          Building self-help groups;
·          Creating awareness among women and youth through non-formal education, training in motivation, leadership, environment – preservation and community health.
·          Mobilizing local resources.
Activities :
·          Project Planning
·          Project Designing
·          Project Monitoring
·          Evaluation
·          Project Consultancy
·          Training
·          Research and documentation
·          Networking with Salesian and non Salesian agencies.
 Practical Functioning and Procedures of Cauveri:
Project Committee:

The director is appointed by the provincial and he will act as the contact persons between the province and agencies and he will work in collaboration with the project committee. All the projects and new ventures should be organized in consultation with the Project committee after getting the approval of the Provincial-the president of Cauveri.