Project assessment meeting was organized on 11 April 2013, at the Don Bosco Provincial House, Trichy to discuss the project’s performance.  16 women club leaders from 16 camps and 10 coordinators of the skill-training programme participated in the assessment meeting.  Mr. Louis Manohar, Project Manager explained the assessment reports submitted by two agencies, viz. VEMBU and MOTHI foundation for the three training programmes viz. (i) Women’s club management, (ii) Environmental education and (iii) Entrepreneurship skill development workshop.  The clubs were ranked based on 4 factors: (i) level of attendance, (ii) participants’ interest, (iii) potential for business activities and (iv) availability of infrastructure.  He presented and discussed the youth survey questionnaire and made appropriate changes based on the opinion of the participants.  The coordinators for the job-oriented skill training programme were divided into 5 groups and were guided to analyze strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and to bring out practical solutions that can be reflected as the future course of the project.  The suggestions from the participants’ are summarized below:

  1. Youth may be given skill training only in the evenings
  2. Motivation and leadership skill development trainings to the youth to motivate them to aim high in their life
  3. Group-based entrepreneurial activities for the like-minded youth

Fr. Thamburaj, Executive Director explained the participants about creating eco-clubs for the children at the camps, a new intervention for the refugee children.  The participants welcomed the new intervention and expressed the need to keep their camp environment clean by involving the children.  The forthcoming graduation day also was discussed.  He, along with the respective women’s club coordinator finalized the entrepreneur activity that is to be started from June 2013.