Migrant youth festival was arranged at Don Bosco Nest Tiruppur on 03 February 2019.

Tiruppur is an industrial city in Tamilnadu that offers huge job opportunities for all those who step into the city. Young people from all over India flock to this city to get themselves employed mainly in garments and textiles sections. These youngsters certainly need support and guidance as there are very many exploiting situationsthat could stress them. 
Don Bosc Nest – Tiruppur, organizes and animates the migrant youth on a weekly basis. Besides all the hurdles inherent in this ministry for migrant youth, DB Nest gathered 250 young boys and girls (Migrants) in the campus for a day of animation together with enticing games and cultural programmes. 

Father Xavier Michael SDB, the director welcomed the youngsters and made them feel at home. Brother YesudassAmirthan SSP from Bangalore, animated the young on becoming good persons and honest citizens. Father Gerard Pinto sdb, INM province celebrated the Don Bosco Feast day Mass and spoke about the preventive system of Don Bosco. Sister Prisca MSMHC from Karaikal and Sister Pushpa MSMHC from Warangal were kind enough to be present for the whole day programme and interacted with the youngsters. Five Students from the JnanodayaSalesian College of Philosophy at Yercaud, Cl. Sakar, Cl. Samuel, Cl. Leo, Cl. Christopher and Cl. Avinash were the Masters of the ceremony and helped in the translation of the messages to the youngsters. Father Gabriel Karunaraj SDB, the director of Tiruppur migrant Desk,made all the arrangements for this event. Father Arulkumar SDB, coordinated the events of the day together with the director of the migrant Desk. It was a great gesture of support on the part of the company owners to be present for the function and promising to send the youngsters to DB Nest for regular animations andrecreations. It was indeed a great day as the migrant youth who felt a home that welcomed, a playground that made them relaxed, a church that taught them to pray and a school that educated values at Don Bosco Nest Tiruppur.