The third series of the Books on environmental education, ‘Environmental Education: towards Sustainable development’ was released on January 19, 2019 as the Province of Tiruchy celebrated its Provincial Community day.

Environmental Education provides necessary opportunities to youth and children to engage themselves with nature and build sustainable environment for future generation. It raises awareness on issues impacting the environment. This education helps children and youth to acquire right knowledge, skills and attitudes to become creative problem-solvers and powerful advocates of sustainable development.

The Province of Tiruchy is on its way promoting eco-awareness to children and youth to make them promoters of a green and clean universe. The province has undertaken various initiatives towards this cause. This third issue of the book on ‘Environmental education’ covers various topics: Right Understanding of the Universe, Nature and its Resources, Eco system, Bio-diversity, Environmental problems and the possible ways of addressing them. Necessary text books, exercise books and visual media materials are used as aids for this environmental education. The Book was authored by FatherAnto Varghese, along with the team of young people. FatherMaran, the director of the development office of the province, monitored the work. Don Bosco Media team designed the layout. Father Antony Joseph, the provincial released the book and FatherRicoparRoyan received its first copy. Young people, members of the Eco clubs, Salesians and Salesian family members were present for the release of the book and extended their genuine appreciation for the sincere efforts made.