“Dropout Students Parents Meeting” was held on August 19th, 2023, for the students studying in our Continuing Education Centre (Dropout Centre) at Don Bosco Anbu Illam, Salem Mulluvadi Gate, at the helm of Assistant Director, Fr. Noyal Raj. In this meeting, the project coordinator, Mr. Xavier, Continuing Education  Centre Teachers, Mr.Balasubramani and Ms. Kalaiyarasi, Field coordinator Mrs. Devi, and the parents of students participated. This programme started with a Tamizh Thai Vazhthu song, and then Mr. Balasubramani welcomed everyone who participated.

Mr. Xavier explained current activities and what was previously done by Don Bosco Anbu Illam for the children. Also, he spoke about how students must be there in their lives with discipline and how parents must treat their children and teach them to be good in their lives. Mr. Bala discussed with the parents how their children behave on this campus and how they study there, and then what needs and support parents need to provide to make their children’s future very bright. Assistant director, Fr. Noyal Raj, explained the “computer training” classes happening in our home, so the parents ensure that the children come to these classes daily. Then he congratulated the teachers, Mr. Bala and Ms. Kalaiyarasi, for their work with the children.

Parents have voluntarily shared their thoughts about their children. They have made many promises about their children’s lives. They said they will regularly send our children to school without fail. They notify our children every day, whether they are studying or not Give them a good lunch. ensure our children have a proper, neat haircut when they go to school. Send our children to wear a good and neat dress.

Finally, they said,” We are happy to send our children to Don Bosco Anbu Illam, so we would prefer more dropout students to join this home. Totally, there were 60 members who participated, including parents and children. This “parent-teacher meeting” meaningfully and effectively happened to develop their children’s future in an excellent way with obedience. This meeting ended with the National Anthem of India.