Project concept expounding meeting for the 2nd batch women welfare club secretaries was organized at the Don Bosco Provincial House, Kallukuzhy, Trichy on 08 February 2014.  Club secretaries from 14 camps participated.  Fr. Thamburaj, Executive Director, CAUVERI-DO welcomed and gave an introduction speech explaining about the purpose of this meeting.  Mr. Louis Manohar, Project Manager, CAUVERI-DO explained the concept and purpose of the project. 

He detailed about the type of training programmes to be organized and their objectives.  He also demonstrated how to write the various records to be maintained by each club.  Ms. Nelitta, programme coordinator explained the participants about the accounting details, procedures to be following with regard to bills and vouchers and proper submission of the same to the project office in time.  Fr. Thamburaj gave a motivational speech and also other aspects of the project about the expected performance and other criteria for a successful group.  The meeting concluded with lunch.